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How do I contact a store manager?

If you would like to contact the manager of a store, click here to access our store directory where you will find the telephone number for each store.

How do I contact the management team of Clarehall Retail Park?

Clarehall Retail Park is owned by The Derwent Group, an Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation Enterprise and managed by Savills Commercial (Ireland) Limited. If you would like to get in touch with Savills Commercial (Ireland) Limited please call +353-1-676 2711.

How many car parking spaces do you have?

We have 300 free car parking spaces.

Do you have disabled parking facilities?

Yes. We have disabled parking bays at Clarehall Retail Park.

Where can I find out about job opportunities at Clarehall Retail Park?

Please contact each store directly.

I have lost something!

Please report any lost items to Savills Commercial (Ireland) Limited please call +353-1-676 2711..

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